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SysTrayIcon Class Reference

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Public Slots

void choose (QString fname=QString())
void configureQuickpostTemplates (QWidget *parent=0)
void doQuit ()
bool handleArguments ()
void newDoc ()
void openRecentFile ()
void quickpost (QClipboard::Mode mode=QClipboard::Clipboard)
void saveAll ()
void setCopyTitle (bool)
void setRecentFiles (const QList< Application::recentFile > &)


void quickpostTemplatesUpdated (QStringList)
void quickpostTemplateTitlesUpdated (QStringList)

Public Member Functions

bool dontStart ()
void quickpostFromDBus (QString &, QString &)
void setDoubleClickFunction (int)
 SysTrayIcon (bool noWindow=false, QObject *parent=0)
QStringList templates ()
QStringList templateTitles ()

Private Slots

void abortQP ()
void handleDone (QNetworkReply *)
void iconActivated (QSystemTrayIcon::ActivationReason)
void quickpostFromTemplate (int, QString, QString t=QString())
void setNewWindowAtStartup (bool)

Private Member Functions

void doQP (QString)
void setupQuickpostTemplates ()
QDomElement templateElement (QDomDocument &, QString &, QString &, int &, bool &, QStringList &)
void updateRecentFileMenu ()

Private Attributes

bool _copyTitle
bool _dontStart
bool _newWindowAtStartup
QAction * abortAction
int activeTemplate
QList< QStringList > assocHostLists
QString cbtext
QAction * configureTemplates
QList< bool > copyTitleStatusList
QNetworkReply * currentReply
QList< int > defaultPublishStatusList
int doubleClickFunction
bool httpBusy
QMenu * menu
QNetworkAccessManager * netmgr
QAction * newWindowAtStartup
QAction * noRecentFilesAction
QAction * openRecent
QList< QuickpostTemplate * > quickpostTemplateActions
QAction * quitAction
QAction * recentFileActions [10]
QList< Application::recentFilerecentFiles
QMenu * recentFilesMenu
QByteArray responseData
QStringList templateList
QMenu * templateMenu
bool templateQPActive
QStringList templateTitleList
QByteArray userAgentString

Detailed Description

Definition at line 54 of file SysTrayIcon.h.

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