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AccountsDialog Class Reference

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struct  _acct

Public Types

typedef struct

Public Member Functions

QList< Accountaccounts ()
 AccountsDialog (QList< AccountsDialog::Account > &, int, QWidget *parent=0)

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool eventFilter (QObject *, QEvent *)

Private Types

enum  _biz { NoBusiness, FindingRsdXml, FindingXmlrpcPhp }
typedef enum AccountsDialog::_biz HttpBusiness

Private Slots

void assignSlug ()
void changeListIndex (int)
void doNewAccount ()
void handleHttpDone (QNetworkReply *)
void on_cbHostedBlogType_activated (int)
void on_chAllowComments_clicked (bool)
void on_chAllowTB_clicked (bool)
void on_chCategoriesEnabled_clicked (bool)
void on_chPostDateTime_clicked (bool)
void on_chUseWordpressAPI_clicked (bool)
void on_leBlogURI_returnPressed ()
void on_leEndpoint_textEdited (const QString &)
void on_leLogin_textEdited (const QString &)
void on_leName_textEdited (const QString &)
void on_lePassword_textEdited (const QString &)
void on_pbCancel_clicked ()
void on_pbNew_clicked ()
void on_pbOK_clicked ()
void on_pbWhatsThis_clicked ()
void removeThisAccount ()
void setClean ()
void setDirty ()

Private Member Functions

void acceptAccount ()

Private Attributes

QList< AccountaccountList
QList< QWidget * > accountWidgets
QAction * addAccount
QList< QWidget * > boolWidgets
Account currentAccount
QString currentAccountId
Account currentAcct
QString currentHost
QNetworkReply * currentReply
int currentRow
bool dirty
bool doingNewAccount
QDateTime entryDateTime
QByteArray httpByteArray
QNetworkAccessManager * netmgr
HttpBusiness networkBiz
QList< AccountoriginalAccountList
QAction * removeAccount

Detailed Description

Definition at line 41 of file AccountsDialog.h.

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