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EditingWindow Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  _hbiz {
  None, _blogger_getUsersBlogs, _metaWeblog_newPost, _metaWeblog_editPost,
  _metaWeblog_newMediaObject, _mt_publishPost, _mt_getCategoryList, _mt_setPostCategories,
  _wp_getTags, _wp_newCategory
typedef enum EditingWindow::_hbiz HttpBusinessType

Public Slots

void changeCaptionAfterTitleChanged ()
void dirtify ()
void dirtifyIfText ()
void doInitialChangeBlog ()
void doQuit ()
void getAccounts (const QString &)
void getAccounts ()
void getPreferences (const QString &)
void getPreferences ()
bool load (const QString &, QDomDocument &)
bool load (const QString &, bool fromSTI=false)
void newDoc ()
void refreshBlogList ()
void refreshCategories ()
void save ()
void setDirtySignals (bool)
void setHighlighting (bool)
void setPostClean ()
void setPostTitle (const QString &)
void setPublishStatus (int)
void setRecentFiles (const QList< Application::recentFile > &)
void showStatusBarMessage (const QString &)


void blogRefreshFinished ()
void categoryRefreshFinished ()
void httpBusinessFinished ()

Public Member Functions

 EditingWindow (QString newPost=QString(), QWidget *parent=0)
bool handleArguments ()
QString postTitle ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool caseInsensitiveLessThan (const QString &, const QString &)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *)
virtual void showEvent (QShowEvent *)

Protected Attributes

QPushButton * blogThisButton
QAction * blogThisIntlAction
QAction * childCategoryHereAction
TEXTEDIT * console
int consoleID
HttpBusinessType currentHttpBusiness
QNetworkReply * currentReply
QWidget * cWidget
int edID
QWidget * leftWidget
QStackedWidget * mainStack
QHBoxLayout * mainWindowLayout
QVBoxLayout * mainWindowLayoutWithSearch
QNetworkAccessManager * netmgr
QAction * noRecentFilesAction
QPushButton * pbCopyURL
QPushButton * previewButton
QTextBrowser * previewWindow
int previewWindowID
int previousRaisedLSWidget
QProgressBar * progressBar
QAction * progressBarAction
QWidget * progressBarContainer
QHBoxLayout * progressBarLayout
QMenu * recentFilesMenu

Private Slots

void about ()
void addClipTag ()
void addClipTBPing ()
void addKeywordTag ()
void addKeywordTagFromAvailTags ()
void addKeywordTagFromLineEdit ()
void addTBPing ()
void addTBPingFromAddButton ()
void addTBPingFromLineEdit ()
void addTechTag ()
void addTechTagFromAddButton ()
void addTechTagFromLineEdit ()
void changeAccount (int)
void changeBlog (int, bool fromChangeAccount=false)
void changeCurrentBlog (int)
void changeOtherCatsHeading ()
void choose (const QString fname=QString())
void configureQuickpostTemplates ()
void copy ()
void copyURL ()
void cut ()
void doPreview (bool, bool markdownFailed=false)
void doViewBasicSettings ()
void doViewCategories ()
void doViewExcerpt ()
void doViewKeywordTags ()
void doViewTBPings ()
void doViewTechTags ()
void doWhatsThis ()
void exportEntry ()
void extractAccountDetails ()
void handleConsole (bool)
void handleDone (QNetworkReply *)
void handleFind ()
void handleInitialLookup (const QHostInfo &)
void handleSideWidgetPageSwitch (int)
void handleSslErrors (const QList< QSslError > &)
void hideProgressBar ()
void hideProgressBarIfMaximum (int)
void insertAutoLink ()
void insertImage ()
void insertImageFromClipboard ()
void insertLink (bool isAutoLink=false)
void insertLinkFromClipboard ()
void insertMore ()
void insertSelfLink ()
void makeBlockquote ()
void makeBold ()
void makeItalic ()
void makeOrderedList ()
void makePara ()
void makeUnderline ()
void makeUnorderedList ()
void newCategory (int parentCategory=0)
void newChildCategory ()
void newMTPost ()
void openRecentFile ()
void paste ()
void pasteAsBlockquote ()
void pasteAsMarkdownBlockquote ()
void pasteAsMarkedParagraphs ()
void pasteAsOrderedList ()
void pasteAsUnorderedList ()
void populateAccountList ()
void populateBlogList ()
void populateTagList ()
void publishPost ()
void redo ()
void reenableDirty ()
void refreshKeywordTags ()
void removeKeywordTag ()
void removeTBPing ()
void removeTechTag ()
void save (const QString &, bool exp=false)
void saveAll ()
void saveAs (bool exp=false)
void saveBlogs ()
void setLoadedPostCategories ()
void setPostCategories ()
void showHighlightedURL (const QString &)
void stopThisJob ()
void tidyPaste ()
void undo ()
void updatePostCategories ()
void uploadFile ()

Private Member Functions

void addToConsole (const QString &)
void blogger_getUsersBlogs (QByteArray)
void callRefreshCategories ()
QString checkBoxName (QString)
void checkForEmptySettings ()
QString decodeXmlEntities (QString)
void doUiSetup ()
void extractAccountAttributes ()
QString & getHTMLList (QString, QString &)
void handleEnableCategories ()
void loadAutoLinkDictionary ()
void metaWeblog_editPost (QByteArray)
void metaWeblog_newMediaObject (QByteArray)
void metaWeblog_newPost (QByteArray)
void mt_getCategoryList (QByteArray)
void mt_publishPost (QByteArray)
void mt_setPostCategories (QByteArray)
void placeNetworkRequest (HttpBusinessType, QByteArray &)
void positionWidget (QWidget *, QWidget *)
QString processWithMarkdown (const QString &)
void readServerSettings ()
void readSettings ()
void saveAccountsDom ()
void saveAutoLinkDictionary ()
bool saveCheck ()
bool saveCheck (bool)
void setEditorColors ()
void setHost (QHttp *, QString &, QString &, bool)
void setInitialAccount ()
void setNetworkActionsEnabled (bool)
void setTextFonts ()
void submitMTEdit ()
QByteArray toBase64 (QByteArray &)
void updateRecentFileList (const QString &, const QString &)
void updateRecentFileMenu ()
void wp_getTags (QByteArray)
void wp_newCategory (QByteArray)
void writeSettings ()
QDomElement XmlMember (QDomDocument &, QString, QString, QString)
QDomElement XmlMethodName (QDomDocument &, QString)
QDomElement XmlRpcArray (QDomDocument &, QString, QList< QString >)
QDomElement XmlValue (QDomDocument &, QString, QString, QString memberType="param")

Private Attributes

QAction * _refreshKeywordTags
QHash< QString, bool * > accountAttributes
QDomDocument accountsDom
QDomElement accountsElement
QHash< QString, QString * > accountStrings
QAction * addKeywordTag_forAvailTags
QAction * addKeywordTag_forList
bool allowComments
bool allowRegexSearch
bool allowTB
QString applicationVersion
QHash< QString, QString > autoLinkDictionary
QHash< QString, int > autoLinkTargetDictionary
QHash< QString, QString > autoLinkTitleDictionary
int bloggerTitleFormat
QStringList bloggerTitleFormatStrings
bool categoriesEnabled
QStringList categoryIDs
QList< QString > categoryList
QStringList categoryNames
bool cleanSave
QColor commentBgColor
bool commentBold
QColor commentFgColor
bool commentItalic
QColor consoleBgColor
QColor consoleFgColor
QString consoleFontString
bool copyTitle
int currentAccount
QDomElement currentAccountElement
QString currentAccountId
int currentBlog
QDomElement currentBlogElement
QString currentBlogid
QDomElement currentCategoryElement
Ui::CategoryWidget cw
QString dateTime
QLabel * dirtyIndicator
bool doMarkdownWhenPosting
QColor editorBgColor
QColor editorFgColor
QString editorFontString
bool enableHighlighting
QColor entityBgColor
bool entityBold
QColor entityFgColor
bool entityItalic
bool entryBlogged
bool entryEverSaved
QString entryNumber
QString filename
bool initialChangeBlog
QString lastAccountID
QString loadedAccountId
int loadedEntryBlog
QString localStorageDirectory
QString localStorageFileExtn
QString location
QString login
QString markdownPath
bool networkActionsEnabled
bool noAlphaCats
bool noAutoSave
bool noPassword
QString otherCatsList
QString password
QString perlPath
QString port
bool postAsSave
bool postDateTime
QColor previewBgColor
QColor previewFgColor
QString previewFontString
int primaryCat
QStringList qtmaccounts_xml
QAction * recentFileActions [10]
QList< Application::recentFilerecentFiles
QString remoteFileLocation
QAction * removeKeywordTag_forList
QByteArray responseData
bool savePassword
QString server
int STI2ClickFunction
bool stripParaTags
QColor tagBgColor
bool tagBold
QColor tagFgColor
bool tagItalic
QRegExpValidator * tagValidator
Ui::MainWindow ui
bool useBloggerTitleFormatting
bool useHTTPS
bool useMarkdown
bool useNewWindows
QByteArray userAgentArray
QString userAgentString
QStringList usersBlogIDs
QStringList usersBlogNames
QList< QString > usersBlogs
QStringList usersBlogURIs
bool useTwoNewlines
bool useWordpressAPI
QHash< QString, QChar > xmlEntities

Detailed Description

Definition at line 89 of file EditingWindow.h.

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